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Ostarine Side Effects: Is it Worth It?

SARMS sex drive

Most of the supplements or drugs being used in the bodybuilding industry were first created to help treat severe types of diseases or the adverse effects of specific conditions. The nature of discovery of the benefits that these things can provide to a bodybuilder’s body was sometimes accidental. And there are also others which were first developed for this purpose.

Just like many other substances, Ostarine or MK-2866 was first introduced in the market to help in the treatment of muscle-wasting diseases and prevent its effects. An example of the disease is HIV. Atrophy can also be treated by the supplement. And this is considered as one of the options for HRT.

How Ostarine works?

SARMS stackMK-2866 is a drug that belongs to the SARM category. SARM stands for Selective Androgen receptor modulator. Other drugs also belong to the same classification.

Because it’s considered as a SARM, it can easily help in the growth of muscle and in helping you attain the needed gains but won’t give you the side effects that most anabolic steroids or prohormones are known for. These substances were known to have a risky side effect to the prostate and sexual organs as well as the testosterone levels of the body.

The effects of Ostarine is direct to the muscle so it’s highly efficient for muscle-building. But the effects don’t end there. It is something that helps in strengthening the muscles and providing it with the right amount of energy.

It’s also known to be effective for injuries.

In the bodybuilding field, its flexibility is highly known that it can be used alone or it can also be stacked with other supplements. Others are using this for both bulking and cutting.

Ostarine Recommended doses

It’s important to be strict about the standard doses and following the best ones are very imperative.

In order to gain lean muscle and acquire the desired effects, a standard dose of 25 mg per day in a 4 to 6-week cycle is imperative. You’ll never have to worry about PCT. You can expect gains of 6 lbs once you’re done.

When in the cutting cycle, you’ll need this to help you preserve all the gains and effectively decrease the calorie count. Standard is 12.5 – 15 mg for the same number of weeks as when you’re bulking up.

Benefits of taking Ostarine

An increase in lean mass gains can be expected. Its anabolic-like effect is the reason why there’s a huge number of professionals who prefer this over other supplements.

It’s not just something that helps in the gains. It also helps increase strength. With this, increasing your weights and adding to your routine is already a possibility. There’s also better endurance. This only means that you’ll last longer with your routines. And this makes it a good partner for people who want to release their inner beast in the gym.

On top of these benefits, it’s also associated with healing properties. When you’re recovering from a muscle or bone injury, this can be a good supplement to consider.

Clinical studies have proven that no harmful side effects will come to the user with regulated Ostarine use.

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