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Do You Need an Estrogen Blocker with SARMS?

One of the great thing about SARMs is that unlike other products, they don’t convert into estrogen compounds. Therefore, they don’t generally cause a significant increase in estrogen. SARMs have been manufactured to increase strength, decrease fat, and build bone density without causing harmful side effects such as significant estrogen increase.

With any SARM that pumps up testosterone, the body reacts by trying to balance everything out and therefore produces more estrogen. But in order to keep the estrogen to a safe and acceptable level, some subjects choose to use an estrogen blocker. Though it shouldn’t be required for SARMs in general (many SARMs do not increase testosterone levels), some subjects choose to take an estrogen blocker anyway. This just ensures that the estrogen levels stay intact and act naturally for the body. Estrogen blockers may be necessary for symptoms like extreme fatigue, low sex drive, depression, or high water retention.

Estrogen blockers can be taken during or after a hormone cycle. It can even be incorporated into the PCT after a cycle of SARMs. When taken after a cycle of hormones, they help to prevent rebound issues. Even though they come with possible side effects, estrogen blockers are usually easily accepted by the body without problems.

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