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Do SARMS Increase Testosterone?

It’s complicated. Simply put, some do and some don’t.

But anytime a research chemical alters hormone levels, it can affect the subject in different ways. Depending on the subject and natural levels of testosterone, different subjects may experience a range of effects from these types of products.

Check to see whether or not each SARM is one which tends to increase or decrease the testosterone level. Like steroids, SARMS can increase testosterone levels, muscle mass and bone density. The only difference is that it provides a much significant lower probability of the side effects steroids bring from occurring.

One key difference between steroids and most SARMs is that steroids dramatically increase testosterone levels, while some SARMs can decrease testosterone, or at least suppress it in varying levels. For example, Ligandrol, better known as LGD-4033, is known to decrease testosterone levels. In this instance, SARMs would be considered the safer option rather than creating a false surge in testosterone for small amounts of time.

One way to avoid problematic side effects of any kind of hormone-altering drug is by using proper PCT (post-cycle therapy), as well as sticking to recommended dosages and cycling on and off.

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