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Best SARMS for Cutting and Bulking

When it comes to targeting specific areas of the body and specific processes, SARMs are extremely effective. Because the different SARMs are so diverse, it can be difficult and research-heavy to find the exact products that work best; therefore it’s necessary to divide them into categories, or at least begin to dissect the ups and downs to some of the more popular and effective SARMs.

For a SARM that will effectively bulk up muscle while also cutting muscle for a ripped effect, a few SARMs specialize in those areas.

First, we’ll mention Ostarine, also known by its names MK-2866 and GTx-02. It’s known for its ability to do several things at once, things like burning fat, building strength, and defining muscle. It acts as a catalyst for muscle growth and sustenance.

While a subject not taking Ostarine may experience around a 1 lb. growth of muscle per month, studies have shown results ranging up to 10 lbs. of muscle per month. So this one hits the “best all around” category. With this SARM, it’s usually recommended to do a PCT (post-cycle therapy) in order to maintain healthy levels of testosterone.

GW-501516 isn’t technically a SARM, but rather a SARM-like research chemical that is grouped in with SARMS. In fact, it acts on an entirely different pathway than a standard SARM. This has its perks, allowing users to get SARM-like results without the hormone suppressing side effects of the SARM. Though there haven’t been a ton of human studies in the lab, it’s been a really effective in home studies. As it is a stimulator for muscle glucose uptake, it works well in getting your muscles bulked and cut at the same time.

LGD-4033, or Ligandrol, is another great product for cutting and bulking. It’s seen as one of the safer SARMs since it has seen much more clinical study than some other SARMs out there. In recent studies, it proved to increase lean muscle, decreased fat levels, increased strength, and even helped with the user’s overall sense of well-being.

For these reasons, and for those concerned about losing bone mass, Ligandrol has proven to be something extremely useful. But bone density is just one benefit— it also defines muscle along with the best of the SARMs. Since it carries less of a risk for suppressing testosterone, it may be a better option for those with naturally dwindling testosterone levels.

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