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Are SARMS Allowed in Professional Sports?

No, SARMs are currently prohibited as “other anabolic agents” in the WADA Prohibited List. Officials closely monitor the use of any SARM or other steroid or anabolic agent, and have the ability to easily detect even the most minor use of any of these products. Again, SARMS are sold as research chemicals and not intended for human consumption.

UFC fighters Tom Lawler and Tim Means were both recently suspended for trace amounts of SARMs (Ostarine) in the supplements they were taking. Tom, a popular and successful fighter, who was about to fight Cowboy Cerrone, was suspended for a full two-year term, while Tim was suspended for minimal use for six months, even though his supplements were apparently mislabeled.

Since SARMs have not been approved by the FDA and other necessary agencies, and use could be harmful to the health of users, use of these types of products are not allowed in professional sports athletes, including Olympic athletes, according to the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency).

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