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Anastrozole for Men: Maintain Your Test Levels

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Testosterone is something that is natural in the bodies of most males and females, although it’s more prominent in men. This is what helps in the development of male characteristics and body parts. And it’s also something that will be essential for the development of specific functions. Your libido will also be affected because of it. If it functions properly, then it’ll also manifest in your body.

But when the body is introduced to numerous substances. It can cause specific reactions. For instance, the constant use of AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids) will cause a dramatic decline in the levels of testosterone. It’s because the androgen tends to aromatize and convert into estrogen.

Because of this, the proper balance in the use of steroids is recommended. On top of that, it’s also necessary to follow the doses of these supplements. Balancing the steroids with androgen-inhibitors and anti-aromatase agents are highly essential.

In the field of estrogen-inhibitors, Arimidex is the name you’ll hear often.

Introducing Arimidex

People often mistake it for a steroid since it’s also taken during a cycle and by the professional bodybuilders. But this is what they call the AI or aromatase-inhibitor. Other drugs are also considered to be AI but the results might not come close to what Arimidex can offer.

Arimidex is the brand name of Anastrozole, the flagship product of AstraZeneca. It’s also commonly known as Adex by most of the bodybuilders and in the field of strength and health. Approval of use for Adex was given in 1995.

The drug was first introduced to help the patients in the breast cancer after treatment. There’s a need to monitor the progress of most patients. So it’s imperative to consider these choices to help you. The presence of estrogen in a specific area is also considered the main reason for the development of breast cancer. So preventing the levels from increasing is imperative.

Anastrozole in bodybuilding

Most bodybuilders currently rely on AAS brands as their performance enhancers. And these performance-enhancers are the main cause for the increase of estrogen.

Without inhibiting the effects of estrogen, the body will soon develop other things. For instance, it can develop into gynecomastia or what most fear as the man-breast. It’s quite different from developing muscles because instead of solid mass, you’re developing muscle tissues. And the only way to remove this is through surgery.

This is also something that encourages water retention, giving the false appearance of bulk muscles, only for it to be taken away when the cycle stops.

Other side effects involve high blood pressure and lower libido and energy, which is considered a nightmare for most men.

The proper balance of estrogen is also necessary. So aggressively taking this can be the cause of estrogen levels too low. Erectile dysfunction might happen.

Anastrozole potential side effects

SARMS side effectsNumerous clinical studies have been created in the past and the patients show no signs of any potential and harmful effects. And you must note that they are taking the drug on a daily basis for therapeutic needs.

Following this theory, a bodybuilder who is properly following their dosage will not experience any problems with the drug.

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